The Best River to Float Near Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

The Best River to Float Near Eureka Springs.

An enchanting natural secret awaits you near Eureka Springs, Arkansas-the Kings River! The Kings is the best river to float near Eureka Springs. When we say best, we mean that it has the best water quality, scenery, wildlife viewing opportunities, swimming holes, and river fishing in the area. Other tributaries may get more attention, but that trend creates more “room” for you on the Kings!

The Best River to Float Near Eureka Springs

The Kings drops more than 1000 feet from its origins in the Boston Mountains. No dams interrupt its 90-mile flow to the Table Rock Lake Reservoir. The upper section is narrow and precipitous, often giving timely paddlers an exciting ride. Near Eureka Springs, the river’s cool waters flow as Class 1 rapids. But lookout for a deluge following heavy rainfall!

Float through traditional Osage Tribe hunting grounds to glimpse Otters, Raccoons, and the handiwork of Beavers shape the river’s flow. Bald Eagles, Great Blue and Green Herons, and Kingfishers fish alongside you while you catch Smallmouth Bass and Flathead Catfish. Seemingly, at every bend, there is another perfect gravel bar where you pull your boat and linger near another crystal-clear pool!

Your plan is clear. Get “on the river” as soon as possible! First, check with local outfitters, to estimate water conditions on your travel dates. Hint: Your float “seasons” are often much longer than the outfitters’ when you bring your own boat. Next, rent a cabin near the river and the funky Victorian delights in Eureka Springs. From here, it is all babbling brooks, bluff lines, and beautiful river bend after bend!

Take your pick of culinary delights in “Eureka!” on your way back to your cabin. Then you decide if you will share your enchanting natural secret, or keep it to yourself, for one more season.

Day Trip from Eureka Springs, AR: #1-Crystal Bridges

Along with your days exploring this Funky Victorian Village in the Ozarks, you also seek the “bests” of the region. Take in the morning sights and sounds from your cabin porch, then take an excursion. This day trip from Eureka Springs, AR is highly recommended.

Day Trip from Eureka Springs, AR: #1-Crystal Bridges Museum

The day goes from the sublime in nature to the sublimity of world class art! This attraction is closed on Tuesdays. Otherwise, set your travel planner to Crystal Bridges American Art Museum in Bentonville, AR. The drive is just 1 hour. The hours of inspiration are many.

Cost? The vast Permanent Collection is free to the public. Thousands of paintings, sculptures, photographs, and even sound creations are displayed within the monumental space. In addition, the outdoor Art Walk Trails are free to explore. Some traveling collections, or special exhibits, require additional fees.

Local Tip? Add some leisurely, or vigorous, personal locomotion to your day. Bentonville is a premier pedaling destination. Pedestrian bike trails, and thrilling mountain hills runs, connect the museum trails to the city’s center and beyond. As a result, you have good options to rent bikes  in town and your bike shop assists with route planning. This option gives you flexibility to access the museum grounds, local trails, and the MYRIAD OF CULINARY OPTIONS at any time of your day.

Family Trip? Adjacent to Crystal Bridges is the Scott Family Amazeum. This place is a jungle gym for the mind. The young, and young at heart, play and imagine the best futures for humanity. As a result,physics, chemistry, the arts, and recess are all the same subject at the Amazeum!

More Day Trip Recommendations are coming. For now, enjoy your days!

Get Away with Your Family to Eureka Springs, AR!

My favorite T-shirt from childhood, bought on a family vacation to Eureka Springs 40 years ago, reads “Arkansas is a Natural!” Kids of all ages from the Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana flat lands are transported from the ordinary while in the Ozark Mountains. Here are 5 affordable ways to make the most of your time in Arkansas. Get away to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, and let the hills be the natural escape for you and your family!

5 Ways to “Make” a Get Away with Your Family to Eureka Springs

1. Start your day from a cabin in the woods. Sounds of birds and wind, smells of trees and flowers, and morning light filtering through leaves begin the escape.

2. Bring an iron skillet and cook meals together, on the grill. French Toast and Grilled Sausages for breakfast and a Charcoal Grilled Pizza Pie in the afternoon, do satisfy! For the freshest ingredients, go to the Eureka Springs Farmer’s Market, Eureka’s Oriental Fresh Market, and Eureka Market.

3. Find the best path for your family. The best pace to enjoy the Ozark Mountains is taken with your feet. Shorter as well as longer treks through this region hold surprises and wonders for your family.

4. Find the water. Swimming and paddling opportunities abound, when the weather is warm. Waterfalls and babbling brooks fill the senses even when the water is too cool for your toes.

5. End the days on a porch, or near a fire. When the sun goes down, the Ozark Mountains provide the perfect spots for reflection and conversation. Remember the day past and dream about your family’s futures.

Best Bets for Good Local Eats in Eureka Springs

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a small town with many more restaurants than a population of 2000 can support. While you visit, please keep our best local eateries going strong! To assist you, we offer this list of the Best Local Places to Eat in Eureka Springs. Whether you seek casual fun, or the finer things in life, this list concentrates on the best locally owned and operated food in our area. Here, we are concentrating on the most important food and restaurant “groups.”

Best Local Places to Eat in Eureka Springs

• Pizza Group This essential food can be enjoyed throughout the area. Café Amore is regularly one of the highest rated restaurants of any kind. Downtown, some of the best pies are coming out of Red’s Pizzeria. To the west of town, in a little community called Beaver, HotBoxx Woodfire Pizza is putting out the best New York Style in our area.

• Dining with Your Love is one of finest things in life! Go to Le Stick Nouveau or The Grand Taverne, if your date night is downtown. North of town, Gaskins Cabin will satisfy. Out on 62, Chef Hager offers some of the best food and service around at the Cottage Inn Restaurant.

• The Most Important Meal of the Day offerings are plentiful. Check out Mud Street Café or Sunday Brunch at Local Flavor Cafe, down on Main Street. Miss Ann at Sweet ‘n’ Savory Cafe will always take good care of you. If you prefer a Breakfast Buffet, The Crystal Dining Room and Myrtie Mae’s keep the plates comin’.

• Fare with a Little International Flair is at Ermilio’s on White Street, Thai House on 62 East and the Bavarian Inn on 62 West.

• Good Taste and Good Health combine to make places like Oscar’s Cafe, Wall Street Eats, and Bombadil’s Café your best bets in Eureka. If you are inclined to cook for yourself, and your cabin in the woods has a kitchen, high quality locally produced ingredients are available at the Eureka Springs Farmer’s Market and Eureka’s Farm Fresh Oriental Market.

Bon appetite, ya’ll!

Best Parks near Eureka Springs

Squirrel scratching itself.You and yours are looking for the best parks near Eureka Springs. Here are some recommended, pristine to semi-pristine, woodlands or pasture lands, that are set apart for your aesthetic enjoyment, recreation, and relaxation. These destinations are located within a ½ hour drive from your Eureka Springs Cabin.

Parks near Eureka Springs


The City of Eureka Springs is a park in and of itself. Whether you are looking for revelry or quiet, you have options. Head towards the music and festivities of Basin Springs Park. Alternately, grab a city trails guide and get away from the crowds while exploring the hidden pathways and passages.

Lake Leatherwood City Park is a 1600-acre lake valley wonderland! Once again, you have a myriad of options for your pleasures. Hike the shoreline or take trails up into the hills. Paddle or fish the spring-fed waters. This spot is also known as a phenomenal mountain biking destination , with world class trails and gravity runs. Tip? The east side of the lake is quietest, and subsequently is your best bet to see wildlife.

Withrow Springs State Park is another gem tucked away in these hills. Hike on a bluff line 100 feet above War Eagle Creek or dip your toes in the natural springs flowing through the park. Besides the wonderment of the natural setting, this spot also has a playground, basketball and tennis courts, and a nice swimming pool.

Arkansas’ largest park, Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area offers the outdoors to you from a range of perspectives! Besides preservation of the 12,000 acres of untainted hills and streams, this park has many more purposes. The 17,000 square foot Visitor’s Center contains exhibits and space dedicated to the understanding of park animals and ecosystems. In addition, there are year-round presentations and gatherings that explore the history and lives of the inhabitants of the land, past and present. Hobbs is a true Arkansas treasure!

Predict the displays of Fall Foliage in Arkansas?

You note the abundant summer rains. The hours of sunlight, while still beautiful, are getting shorter. You feel the cool nights, but there are no hard frosts in the forecast. Given these signs, can you now predict the arrival of the colorful Fall Foliage in Arkansas? With a little luck, and little wind, you could be on to something.

Fall Foliage in Arkansas

Timing a trip to see the autumn leaves is a pastime in and of itself, ever since people have been vacationing in Arkansas. Planning and good fortune are both factors for your success. If you arrive too early, you might catch the proverbial first fallen autumn leaf, but the remaining leaves will be wearing their summer greens. If you come too late, you might as well jump in the huge piles of leaves on the ground.

How would you ensure that the days you have away from your real world are maximized by enjoying a brilliant Ozarks leaf display? You could consult  scientists for their best guesses. But even though researchers derive their predictions by comparing current and historical rain and temperature data, this does not guarantee you that the display will be on show on any specific dates. Typically, the first windstorm after the leaves show their autumn colors signals the last day of the pageantry.

You could also look for other clues, to make your travel prediction. After your last lawn mowing, when the ground is covered with acorns, after the hawks, geese, and butterflies fly south, when the bears are berrying, and before Jack Frost pinches the leaves with his icy fingers; head to the Ozarks! Autumn is a magnificent time to be here!

If your travel prediction and luck are true-rejoice! “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

If the winds and rains of fall take the opportunity from you, be edified by what is next! “Here is the dark tree denuded now of leafage…But a million stars”- Shiki

Swimming Holes Near Eureka Springs

Cascading Lake WaterfallAlong with the peace and tranquility of a summer stay at Silver Ridge Resort, your party may be interested in swimming. Here is a list of some of the best swimming holes near Eureka Springs, Arkansas and Silver Ridge Resort.
Please note: There are no lifeguards at these natural locations. It is up to you and your party to assess swimming conditions, and to monitor your own safety.
And please help everyone maintain the pristine nature of these beautiful places.

Swimming Holes Near Eureka Springs

From nearest to Silver Ridge, to furthest…

Hogscald Hollow is located on Beaver Lake, just 3.5 miles from Silver Ridge. The valley has a stunning collection of spring fed streams, waterfalls, and collecting pools. The waterfalls are rain dependent. Be aware of water flowing over Hogscald Rd./CR 148 after heavy rains. As always, please “leave no trace”  while exploring this area.

Big Clifty Park , 6.5 miles from Silver Ridge, is a camping and day-use spot on Beaver Lake where swimming and paddle sports opportunities abound. You can put a boat in at this park and paddle upstream to the magical Hogscald Hollow.

Rockhouse Creek Access is a public access point on the Kings River where many visitors launch boats for paddle sports and fishing excursions. Downstream from this sandy spot the river deepens, creating a nice swimming hole and wading streams. The swimming at this location is rain dependent. Check weather and river levels for best conditions.

The War Eagle River is a meandering tributary that originates in the Boston Mountains of Arkansas and runs along the south side of Withrow Springs State Park. The swimming hole is accessed from the War Eagle Trail at Withrow Springs, hiking north to south, as it drops down from a 150 foot tall bluff line. A cool pool, wading streams, and rock shelves for lounging can be accessed in this area. Be careful with kids along this high and often slippery trail. Check with park officials about water levels as the deeper pools are rain dependent. If the river conditions are not ideal, “safe bets” for you are the pool and wading springs in the park.