Eureka Springs, Arkansas is a small town with many more restaurants than a population of 2000 can support. While you visit, please keep our best local eateries going strong! To assist you, we offer this list of the Best Local Places to Eat in Eureka Springs. Whether you seek casual fun, or the finer things in life, this list concentrates on the best locally owned and operated food in our area. Here, we are concentrating on the most important food and restaurant “groups.”

Best Local Places to Eat in Eureka Springs

• Pizza Group This essential food can be enjoyed throughout the area. Café Amore is regularly one of the highest rated restaurants of any kind. Downtown, some of the best pies are coming out of Red’s Pizzeria. To the west of town, in a little community called Beaver, HotBoxx Woodfire Pizza is putting out the best New York Style in our area.

• Dining with Your Love is one of finest things in life! Go to Le Stick Nouveau or The Grand Taverne, if your date night is downtown. North of town, Gaskins Cabin will satisfy. Out on 62, Chef Hager offers some of the best food and service around at the Cottage Inn Restaurant.

• The Most Important Meal of the Day offerings are plentiful. Check out Mud Street Café or Sunday Brunch at Local Flavor Cafe, down on Main Street. Miss Ann at Sweet ‘n’ Savory Cafe will always take good care of you. If you prefer a Breakfast Buffet, The Crystal Dining Room and Myrtie Mae’s keep the plates comin’.

• Fare with a Little International Flair is at Ermilio’s on White Street, Thai House on 62 East and the Bavarian Inn on 62 West.

• Good Taste and Good Health combine to make places like Oscar’s Cafe, Wall Street Eats, and Bombadil’s Café your best bets in Eureka. If you are inclined to cook for yourself, and your cabin in the woods has a kitchen, high quality locally produced ingredients are available at the Eureka Springs Farmer’s Market and Eureka’s Farm Fresh Oriental Market.

Bon appetite, ya’ll!