You note the abundant summer rains. The hours of sunlight, while still beautiful, are getting shorter. You feel the cool nights, but there are no hard frosts in the forecast. Given these signs, can you now predict the arrival of the colorful Fall Foliage in Arkansas? With a little luck, and little wind, you could be on to something.

Fall Foliage in Arkansas

Timing a trip to see the autumn leaves is a pastime in and of itself, ever since people have been vacationing in Arkansas. Planning and good fortune are both factors for your success. If you arrive too early, you might catch the proverbial first fallen autumn leaf, but the remaining leaves will be wearing their summer greens. If you come too late, you might as well jump in the huge piles of leaves on the ground.

How would you ensure that the days you have away from your real world are maximized by enjoying a brilliant Ozarks leaf display? You could consult  scientists for their best guesses. But even though researchers derive their predictions by comparing current and historical rain and temperature data, this does not guarantee you that the display will be on show on any specific dates. Typically, the first windstorm after the leaves show their autumn colors signals the last day of the pageantry.

You could also look for other clues, to make your travel prediction. After your last lawn mowing, when the ground is covered with acorns, after the hawks, geese, and butterflies fly south, when the bears are berrying, and before Jack Frost pinches the leaves with his icy fingers; head to the Ozarks! Autumn is a magnificent time to be here!

If your travel prediction and luck are true-rejoice! “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”- Albert Camus

If the winds and rains of fall take the opportunity from you, be edified by what is next! “Here is the dark tree denuded now of leafage…But a million stars”- Shiki